Accommodating behaviour

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How can we help our clients shift from being over-accommodating to being assertive?Walking with your client through four steps will support the client in making the needed changes to his or her beliefs and behaviors.The coach can support the client by gently reminding him of the perspective he desires to hold and should acknowledge the client when he is successful in his efforts.Often the client needs to spend time defining values and a life mission in order to establish clear criteria to use as he sets boundaries and begins to live an assertive life.In order for the client to be able to move forward, first he must recognize he is over-accommodating.As a coach, sometimes it is very obvious to us that a client is over-accommodating and we are often aware before the client.As children we are taught to share, to help, to do what the teacher says.

The dictionary Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines assertive as How might a person use assertiveness to create a life of fulfillment and joy?What are the signs that accommodating is sabotaging our life?When a person becomes conditioned to be accommodating, the lines between the person and others can become blurred.Occasionally the client will discover underlying factors that drive the over-accommodating behavior such as low self-esteem, the need to please others, or a fear of saying no.Likewise, a client may have underlying beliefs about being assertive that act as barriers to shifting perspective.

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