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It was time of the great depression and severe drought throughout the Midwest. I know some people that went west to California, Washington or Oregon.

President Roosevelt started many Federal Aid and Work Programs.

By 1894 two hundred seventy-three schools were built in North Dakota.

Of that total, two hundred sixty-three were frame, five were stone, one was sod and four were of log construction.

By 1914-1915, the last year that such statistics were compiled, North Dakota had five thousand fifty frame schools, two hundred fifty-two stone or brick and nineteen log.

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How times do change, and we all must make some changes, too, and I guess electric technology is alright, too.

The birth dates of the towns in Logan County line up as follows: Napoleon, County Seat, 1884 Lehr 1889 Gackle 1903 Fredonia 1904 Burnstad 1906 Thank you to Lee Kleppe for all the years doing a good job putting together the Historical Society Newsletter. More Reminiscing By Carmen Burgad This no doubt will be the last article on Burnstad, as the town of Burnstad is no more.

Also thank you Pete and Betty Sperle for doing the Newsletter this year. The only buildings left are the old Farmers Union hardware store (now owned by Julius Leier) and the old store building (owned by the Regners.) There are two homes owned by the Leiers and the Regners.

Now my children and grandchildren look at me and ask, “What is the big band sound?

” So I have to get out a tape of Glenn Miller and let them listen.

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