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The President told the attending dignitaries that this would be a unique opportunity to harness the financial muscle of the world’s leading hotel and lodge operators to raise vital funds to support and protect Uganda’s wildlife.

Uganda has Africa’s fastest growing elephant population but, with urgent development needs and limited budgets, the country lacks adequate financial resources to fully support its conservation requirements.

Bush and Barack Obama administrations, Expert of the Kosciuszko Institute - USAAuditorium Hall Moderator: Alan Riley This panel’s main topic will be the use of cyberspace for conducting information warfare.

The Internet provides many opportunities to successfully influence audience perceptions, and thus to shape their behaviour.

“The Forum is aimed at launching a new initiative to attract tourism into Uganda, to make it a destination for high-end paying clients, and secure long-term sources of funding for the protection and maintenance of Uganda’s Protected Area network.

Two of the penetrators are planned to land near the Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 landing sites, taking advantage of seismic data gathered there from 1969 to 1974.

The payload of the orbiter will total 120 kg (260 lb) and include astrophysics experiments, dust monitors, plasma sensors, including the LORD astronomy payload, designed to study ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.

India then decided to develop the lunar mission independently.

It was planned in 2008, that a robotic lunar base that follows Luna-Glob would be a "Robotic proving ground", having several components: solar power station, telecommunication station, technological station, scientific station, long-range research rover, landing and launch area, orbiting satellite.

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