Am i dating a cheap guy

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I grew up in a family where my dad would make a face if I asked him for a dime for a candy bar, my brother would give me flowers for my b-day that he had taken from the altar after a... Being absolutely generous woman and not materialistic, I expect the same from a man,and needless to say if that doesnt meet my expectations,he sees the...

I dated this guy who was so into his car he spend over 0.00 on having the engine cleaned.

he could afford them because he worked 3 jobs and always had money and had...

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But do you really want a guy you just met to see all those old photos you’ve been tagged in?YESTERDAY I ASK HIM WHERE DID HE BOUGHT IT, AND HE TOLD ME ITS NOT NEW HE GOT IT FROM A CO... I get the hotel room so we can spend time together even. NO TV NO INTERNET TO KEEP ME BUSY - I didnt say a word. I came from European background,where women never pay.My boyfriend has some good qualities, but this cheap thing is a real sore spot for me. Your stories with 50/50 dont relate to me due to its out of space was close to christmas and me and my bf were talking about what we would like to get one another for x-mas.i told him i would really like a pair of diamond studs, nothing too big, but a real pair.

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