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Open to new trying About me I can say that I am kind, hardworking, honest and responsible.Will not shop at your store at 8868 N Hwy 66 in Denver, NC ever again (and leave bad reviews whenever I can) because they always stuff items in your plastic bag until it’s so full you can barely carry it and THEN put just one item, that they couldn’t fit in the first bag, in a separate bag.the cops let my husband go cause he did nothing wrong!the manager said he wouldnt press charges on my husband, but i personally believe he had no reason to and thats why he didnt go forward with it.She talks to her husband or mom on the store phone and ignores the customers and other workers.She also will spend HOURS talking to a customer, yet she complains that she has to do everything.THEN they don’t tell you or hand you your bags so I end up not seeing the bag with one item in it and leave it behind.

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As usual this store is always dirty and very unorganized.So there is so much strangeness in Batman Returns — opening it with the journey of that little floating cradle holding the Penguin, and ending it with an attack on Gotham by an army of rocket-armed live penguins, and all sorts of other stuff — it’s an insane movie and probably one of the most insane blockbuster movies ever made.Why are you coming to Wakefield , Sanbornville New Hampshire when you have a store in Milton ?The manager of the store 99% of the time don’t even do her job, the store is a mess, shelves are empty almost always, almost every employee is lazy, employees trash talk other employees to the customers (at times in front of the SM and she says and does nothing about it), most of the cashiers are rude to the customers.It has also been brought to my attention that the SM will go into the computer and change how many hours you work for the week so she is under budget hours.

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