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That’s not to say I’d never date a single mother but she definitely wouldn’t be my first choice.

Getting to know someone is hard enough, but trying to do that around a mother’s 24/7 schedule can be downright impossible.

And for the men you think what makes a man is a seven-inch cock that functions, you are men. Don’t expect respect from others when you won’t have any for yourself.

You are selfish boys with no conscious or self-control.

They are frank with their purposes and they don’t hide their true thoughts.

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If not, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you will find here.She compares how the multiple pregnancies (and multiple daddies) of Erica Badu and the announcement of Jay Z and Beyonce’s little bundle was received by the public in two distinct ways–Badu was basically seen as a brood mare for the black community and was given all the “respect” that comes with that title, while Beyonce was widely praised for procreating within wedlock to give her child the maximum opportunity for success with the benefit of both parents. Honey, did you think you were gonna be Newsflash–YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL.I swear, as much as these rabid feminists wish all men would just die, it does the child no damn good to be brought into situations like this. IF A MAN WANTS YOU TO HAVE HIS CHILD WITHOUT THE BENEFIT AND PROTECTION OF MARRIAGE YOU ARE A BROOD MARE. Please stop listening to feminists who want to green-light this behavior for others, but would never DREAM of doing so themselves. You leave your children to twist in the wind and blame the mothers for it all. As the black community continues to rubber stamp destructive behavior and lunacy, don’t be surprised when the main stream media makes your coonery the laughing stock of reality television. And if anyone takes issue with me calling black single mothers like the ones featured in that sizzle reel “brood mares,” I don’t give a crap.“It was just the way that he wrote that, it was like an attack on us. ” and notes that he likes “to dance and cook, but not together. ” Crupi makes sure to note that he’s been told “I’m handsome, too lol.” “He took my world away,” Theresa Mapes said. Are you planning to beautiful, vibrant young lady to support and pamper in return for her sweet love and affection? At sugar baby meet you will find many gorgeous sugar babies who are looking for financial support and security that a wealthy sugar daddy like you can provide. If you are an generous gentle man who has been tired of untruthful women who pretend they are in love with you only to find that what they really want is your money.

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