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"I took it to an electrical shop and got them to copy the circuit and thats how I got mine, I used to take out resistors and play around trying to get an understanding of how the mechanics worked.

I was experimenting with feedback before Hey Joe was released.

Billy quickly took to take an interest in the more bluesy aspect of music and the band began to play Spencer Davis, Yardbirds and Pretty Things covers He was among the first of a new breed of musician who began experimenting with new electronically enhanced guitar sounds.

"The first guys I heard using distortion and those kinds of effects were the Pretty Things and that was well before Hendrix was even on the scene," he recalls.

Billys fiery yet controlled style, his use of the wah wah, his Hendrix-like afro, Greers stand up kit and flowing locks and the tumbling bass of Peter Barton mesmerised the locals.

It was mainly cover songs at this stage but after a short trip back to the UK the band returned with bigger, better, more capable equipment and a repertoire of originals, including songs written by ex-pat Kiwi Doug Jerebine which later appeared on his rare Guitar Absolution album.

Their Melbourne unit was called Compulsion and they were playing at the Thumping Tum club.

Billy was excited about the possibility but had already made plans to go to cross the Tasman and form a new unit in Melbourne.

He recruited second guitarist John Bilderbeck from Wanganui and Gav Collinge on bass and named the unit Powerhouse.

Rehearsals began in his bedroom at Bunnythorpe on the outskirts of Palmerston North.

Billy senior now has competition from many fine guitarists across a range of musical styles but to many he is still the master.

Beginings with the Sinners Billy had been learning guitar for some years and was picking up new sounds wherever he could.

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