Black male dating asian woman

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However, very hard to find my type where black men are concerned.

Looks aren't that big a factor as his personality is.

They are very proud and aware of their different nationalities.

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And some white guys with the Asian women are a fan of some aspect of the Asian culture like martial arts, or they served in the military in their home country so they are able to speak and even write their wife's native language fluently. If you want to date an Asian women, just ask her out. And the more traditional a background an Asian woman is from, the less she will be interested in dating a black guy just on looks.

Or at least, my Asian females don't sit around talking about how sexy we find certain races of men. Hey did any of you guys catch what some of those Victoria Secret models were saying backstage at the recent fashion show?

If there is talk of guys, it's on a case by case basis. now that Obama's won, the chip on your shoulder has lifted. They basically all said that "clever" pickup lines were lame and an immediate turnoff, and for a guy to just simply introduce himself instead.

And we also don't go drooling over posters of actors or models the way that you men do. But it seems that almost 100% of the time, its the superfit, workout at the gym everyday U. born Asian women (who probably dont even speak language other than English) who always seem to be dating the superfit, workout at the gym everyday black guys who obviously are college grads, personal instructors or professional types who are NOT the "Im a producer.....", "Im in the music business...." type black guys.

We keep our hopes real and have no desire to go out with lots of different guys for thrills and kicks. And yes, there are many happy Asian women/white male couples. Stop try to generalize and make stereotypes about Asian women.

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