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On its own, this was not enough evidence to confirm a burial ground.Two years ago during associated utility works in Charterhouse Street, Crossrail archaeologists located human bones that had previously been disturbed and suggested a burial ground could be nearby. Notes to editors Archaeologists have undertaken investigations in a 5.5 metre diameter shaft being excavated in the road around Charterhouse Square gardens, near to the former Carthusian Monastery.During the past two weeks, Crossrail’s archaeologists uncovered 23 skeletons 2.5 metres below the road that surrounds the gardens in Charterhouse Square.The depth of the burials, the pottery dated up until 1350 found in the graves and the layout of the skeletons all point to the likelihood that these skeletons were buried in Charterhouse Square during the Black Death Plague around 1349.The graves have been laid out in a similar formation as skeletons discovered in a Black Plague burial site in east Smithfield in the 1980s.The skeletons are being carefully excavated and taken to the Museum of London Archaeology for laboratory testing.

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In the 1980s a burial ground associated with 1348 Black Death was located in east Smithfield.

More than 600 skeletons were carefully removed from the site and analysed by the Museum of London Archaeology.

The scientists are hoping to map the DNA signature of the Plague bacteria and possibly contribute to the discussion regarding what caused the Black Death.

The bones may also be radio carbon dated to try and establish the burial dates. After 650 years, only the skeleton bones remain and do not present any modern-day health risk.

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