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Blaster's loud music resulted in Hoist being too late to prevent the theft of the Voltronic Galaxer.

Megatron subsequently used the device to jam radio transmissions across the planet, and Hoist, Prowl, Ratchet and Trailbreaker had to help a bunch of snowed-in motorists.

It wasn't until after the other Autobots had demolished the tower that Hoist and Grapple were broken out of their improvised prison.

Hoist assured Grapple that there would be other towers to build.

He speaks with a cultured British-sounding accent and can usually be found playing "Dr. I'm not particularly chatty, handsome or clever, but you know what? Hoist was among those at Autobot headquarters when the Dinobots attempted to show off how civilized they'd become.

Watson" to his friend Grapple's troubled artist in his off-hours. During the ensuing destruction, he watched Red Alert and Inferno rush to put out the fires.

Hoist and Grapple proposed the construction of an enormous Solar Power Tower to Optimus Prime, even showing him a darling little functioning model.

Hoist and Grapple had their mitts full with repair work after the Autobots suffered frightful injuries against the fully fed Insecticons. (That poor boy does seem to vanish ever so often.) Hoist later went along with Prime's rescue party to recover Cosmos and the robotic insecticide he recovered to deal with those awful creatures.As Hoist surveyed the damage, he heard Red Alert calling out and dug the security officer out from under some rubble.Hoist began to drive the Negavator back to headquarters with an Autobot escort, but the Decepticons made another attempt to grab the weapon, and this time Hoist and Grapple were forced to dig Optimus and Ironhide out from a rock slide. Bernstein and Stefan Klbl and Stefan Lucks and Pedro Maat Costa Massolino and Florian Mendel and Kashif Nawaz and Tobias Schneider and Peter Schwabe and Franois-Xavier Standaert and Yosuke Todo and Benot Viguier Karthikeyan Bhargavan and Antoine Delignat-Lavaud and Cédric Fournet and Markulf Kohlweiss and Jianyang Pan and Jonathan Protzenko and Aseem Rastogi and Nikhil Swamy and Santiago Zanella-Béguelin and Jean Karim ZinzindohouéEli Ben-Sasson and Iddo Ben-Tov and Alessandro Chiesa and Ariel Gabizon and Daniel Genkin and Matan Hamilis and Evgenya Pergament and Michael Riabzev and Mark Silberstein and Eran Tromer and Madars Virza The QARMA Block Cipher Family -- Almost MDS Matrices Over Rings With Zero Divisors, Nearly Symmetric Even-Mansour Constructions With Non-Involutory Central Rounds, and Search Heuristics for Low-Latency S-Boxes Roman Oliynykov and Ivan Gorbenko and Oleksandr Kazymyrov and Victor Ruzhentsev and Oleksandr Kuznetsov and Yurii Gorbenko and Oleksandr Dyrda and Viktor Dolgov and Andrii Pushkaryov and Ruslan Mordvinov and Dmytro Kaidalov A New Class of Public Key Cryptosystems Constructed Based on Reed-Solomon Codes, K(XII)SE(1)PKC.-- Along with a presentation of K(XII)SE(1)PKC over the extension field extensively used for present day various storage and transmission systems -- Julia Borghoff and Anne Canteaut and Tim Gneysu and Elif Bilge Kavun and Miroslav Kneević and Lars R. Knudsen and Gregor Leander and Ventzislav Nikov and Christof Paar and Christian Rechberger and Peter Rombouts and Sren S. Bos and Hsieh-Chung Chen and Chen-Mou Cheng and Gauthier van Damme and Giacomo de Meulenaer and Luis Julian Dominguez Perez and Junfeng Fan and Tim Gneysu and Frank Gurkaynak and Thorsten Kleinjung and Tanja Lange and Nele Mentens and Ruben Niederhagen and Christof Paar and Francesco Regazzoni and Peter Schwabe and Leif Uhsadel and Anthony Van Herrewege and Bo-Yin Yang Daniel V.

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