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Back then, Katz recalls, reality shows starring celebrities were “very dog-eat-dog.” There was , which first aired in 2003 and assembled a crew of has-beens like Dave Coulier and Verne Troyer so they could butt egos and confront demons under the unfriendly gaze of ’round-the-clock cameras.

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“I felt like people had seen enough of my personal life, living in the spotlight like Donald and I were during our marriage, and [I never even got] paid for it,” Maples told me.And if there’s one woman responsible for the show’s success—and its unique place in the pop cultural ecosystem—it’s Deena Katz.She’s been casting the show since it premiered in 2004.But watching [a] former supermodel try to rumba, then stand, stricken, before the judges. The whole thing was oddly touching.” (ABC executives declined to comment on Katz’s role on the show due to “crazy schedules” in advance of the finale.) stumbles and heartbreaks are all edited to make the stakes feel as low as possible.Setbacks get couched in the language of spiritual uplift and self-help.

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