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Most White girls are outsiders looking through the Asian window, that's the nature of fandom, admiration from a distance within their own fantasy world, even when they visit the Far East to fulfil their dream, they don't last long there, they're foreigners, foreigners usually mix with other foreigners like themselves within their expatriate communities.

Their big plans wither away, they can't hack it long term, White people are notoriously poor at adapting to foreign environments, they can't turn native, many cannot speak the local language fluently, in the end, they trail back to the west.

On one unnamed site, 18 White female profiles contained typical Japanophile references (), of which 6 (33%) excluded Asian guys from their ethnic dating preference. I am learning Japanese language and wear cosplay Gothic Lolita clothes, watch anime, manga, listen to visual kei and eat Ramen Noodles and support Japan during the World Cup." Common characteristics are 'weeaboo denial and weeaboo delusion.' When accused of being a weeaboo, they will deny it and point their finger at 'her over there' in an attempt to distinguish themselves as a 'proper' Japanese even though they're Caucasian, some paradoxically call other foreigners "baka gaijin" (these 2 words along with kawaii are usually the only Japanese words an average weeaboo knows).

The majority were no-racial-preference girls, merely multi-cultural consumers who enjoy different cultures. A reality check in the mirror will see what race they are, wearing a kimono, watching anime and having a Japanese haircut will never make them Japanese, but in their mindset lies a desperate fantasy to be Japanese, thus a hatred of any race that isn't Japanese including their own race as well as an defence of Japan's war crime's record and an insistence the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unjustified, rather like Nazi sympathizers disdain over the bombing of Dresden.

Some have travelled or lived overseas for so long, they are unable to acclimatize, they become western versions of shengnu, some having experienced real Asian men and real Asian culture..longer want to date Asian guys, whilst others upon their return to the west..up marrying a westernised Asian guy. It is assumed that a White female that dates an 'oriental' guy is attuned to his culture, this is often not the case.

White girls just can't resist doing a Chinese accent, there are many Chinese guys who have no issues with that nor with her slanting her eyes with her fingers, they laugh it off, in the process legitimizing her conduct and giving her licence to continue doing it as she does not consider it to be inappropriate.

2 out of the 18 stated a narrow preference for Asian guys (it is rarely an exclusive preference for Asian, rather Asian and another race i.e White), it is reasonable to surmise its a preference for Japanese men (because of the culture, wish to learn the language and a requirement to find a host for a visit to Japan), given a choice that is, but there are few Japanese in the UK, these types of girls are more likely to date a Chinese, many can't tell the physical difference between East Asian's either, any 'oriental' guy will do. Weeaboo's support Japan in sporting and cultural competitions rather than their own country, not that they're interested in sports, weeaboo's are too nerdy for sports, rather they participate in an individualist activity such as swimming, its rarely a team sport as weeaboo's tend to be low energy, anti-social, introverted and would rather be alone drawing on Deviantart.

And Whilst most single females have no problem dating a non-Chinese, at multiculturally designed events such as 'Chinese Speed-dating', what alternatives are there for ethnic Chinese males who are serious about finding a Chinese female partner?A Chinese Japanophile is called harizu (search Youtube or BBC Facebook group).These girls sometimes interchangeably fetishize about Korean culture too but usually it is through discovering Japanese culture first.Here's another similar event that takes place monthly at the Jewel Bar, Piccadilly Circus, London.Whilst it appears to be a 'free' event, as you can see from a selection of reviews, dated December 2011, from the following ethnic Chinese males, males are not allowed to find out their' matches' until they pay for it.

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