Bsd usrportsupdating

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Since lsof is a program that runs with increased privileges, a security warning is shown.During the building and installation of ports, take heed of any other warnings that may appear.Some ports include other files, such as pkg-message.The ports system uses these files to handle special situations.Source code is distributed in whatever manner the software author desires.

A security audit and an update of the database will be performed during the daily security system check.

Otherwise, manually obtain and place a copy of the distfile into /usr/ports/distfiles.

To begin, change to the directory of the port to be installed: Once you are returned to the prompt, you should be able to run the installed application.

If you need to upgrade to PHP 5.3.x, make sure you read March 8, 2008 Posted in PHP There is really no any reason to continue using PHP 4 and My SQL 4 except being lazy.

The upgrade was quite smooth and took about 1.5 hours including compiling time.

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