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At 18, he was wearing a blue dressing gown and full makeup.To escape south east London, he became a lodger with journalist Mary Finnigan before becoming her lover.Throughout the mid-1960s, Bowie struggled to find the right music group, the right image, reinventing himself every 18 months to get attention.He changed his name to David Bowie when British mag New Musical Express started calling Mick Jagger 'Jagger Dagger.'Consumed with his image, he'd go down to Carnaby Street, the fashion center of London and pick up garbage bags of clothing behind the shops since he could't afford high-priced duds.Two or three of his aunts committed suicide; three of his mother's sisters were described as nuts, and one even had a lobotomy because of 'bad nerves'.His mother had had two previous children, one a girl, the other, Terry, a half-brother to Bowie and eleven years older.Bowie's rampant romps even landed him an opportunity to sleep with a corpse.

The British rock star's reputation of rampant sexual consumption inspired an offering of a warm dead body to sleep with when he was on tour in Philadelphia - an offer he later declined.Once she woke up and heard noises in the next room.He was in bed with her best friend and the walls were shaking.In the age of psychedelic drugs, while others were dropping acid, Bowie was afraid to indulge in it because to of his brother's schizophrenia.That didn't stop him from developing a raging cocaine habit and nearly drinking himself to death later in Los Angeles.

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