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These issues go beyond what is contained in textbooks or known to most researchers and Institutional Review Board (IRB) members.The literature on these issues is found in a variety of applied research publications in applied statistics, program evaluation, criminology, education, economics, and demography, but not in the mainstream social science literature.More useful definitions of privacy and confidentiality are offered herein.Even with more useful definitions, however, the interpretation of these ideas into an effective protocol sometimes requires kinds of knowledge, experience, and problem-solving skills that are absent from the training of most scientists, students, and IRB members.Back to Top The National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC) has requested analysis and recommendations concerning issues of privacy and confidentiality that arise in social and behavioral research.In this response to NBAC's request, relevant issues are raised and explored, and recommendations are offered.The major web site would provide education and information needed by IRBs, researchers, and students, as well as teachers of research methodology who wish to use these materials for instructional purposes.Only minor modifications of the Common Rule are needed, under definitions and informed consent requirements.

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Even the occasional desperate individual, eager for a quick publication, would find it more difficult to skirt the rules.Three basic recommendations are proposed to the Commission: Many specific recommendations are offered concerning the content of the two web sites.Most of these web-content recommendations concern concepts of privacy and confidentiality, relevant laws and regulations, approaches to learning what is private to individuals, and approaches to assuring privacy and confidentiality.In response to a problem such as this, the IRB can put an inexperienced researcher in touch with local resources who can counsel the researcher about issues of mandatory reporting.They can remind the researcher to use appropriate skills of rapport and effective communication to ensure that the limits of confidentiality are clearly communicated to potential subjects.

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