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We both assumed that who ever had taken the other thing would not be able to resist this new shipment.

The manager called the county and local police and explained what we were doing.

That way I could take clear pictures, with the glass being clean, and didn’t leave Huge foot prints going into the coach. I white van pulled up just outside the kitchen door.

I set up in the dining area of the coach with my camcorder and my 35 MM camera attached to a night scope lens. I fired up the camcorder and took a couple of stills of the van and it’s plate with the 35 MM.

Something they did a couple of times a winter anyway.

At least the seats were comfortable I covered my self with a couple of blankets and was ready and warm. who ever was loading the van was so covered up because of the cold I couldn’t get a picture of the face.

Nothing happened for the first three hours and I had to pee, to much coffee. I called the county sheriffs office and explained what was happening and they sent a car and they also called the local police who had a car near by.

It seems that the local cops weren’t all that interested in finding out who was doing the stealing.

The manager wanted a meeting with me to get suggestions.

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