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We reviewed over 220 publications from which we identified predominant hypotheses that were summarized and displayed in tables.Journal publications, conference contributions, and further studies have been considered.However, they found higher fatality rates at turbines in the north compared to the south of the wind farm, as those would be the first turbines to be encountered by migratory bats when flying from north to south (Baerwald and Barclay ) stated that barotrauma, which is caused by a sudden decrease in air pressure resulting in severe hemorrhaging, might cause up to 90 % of fatalities.Others who did not support this hypothesis like Piorkowski and O’Connell () further imply that other factors such as postmortem time, environmental temperature, and freezing of carcasses could mimic the diagnostic criteria for pulmonary barotrauma.We found that research focusing on offshore wind energy within the last couple of years has increased significantly as well, catching up with the vast amount of onshore studies.Some hypotheses have been verified by numerous publications and a consensus has been reached (e.g., correlation between bat activity and weather factors), while others are still being debated more (e.g., determination of migratory corridors) or remain unknown (e.g., effect on population level).

The findings have been summarized and presented in tables, displaying research results and deductions, which state the main hypotheses as plausible or implausible.Moreover, review articles provide an important contribution by analyzing a variety of publications and drawing more comprehensive conclusions.In some cases, however, they cover the findings of some original research that was also included in the analysis.An unknown number of offsite deaths due to such sub-lethal injuries can lead to even higher fatality rates (Grodsky et al.) did not observe turbine-specific patterns when comparing facilities from the easterly to the westerly side of the wind farm, nor between turbines at the end of a row compared to the middle of a row.

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