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Prior to the establishment of the park and memorial the citizens of Stephens Shire (Yeronga, Annerley, South Brisbane) were keen to pay their respects to the soldiers who were fighting overseas in the Great War of 1914-1918.

Some were their parents, some their relatives, some their friends but many more who were strangers keen to acknowledge their service.

This was the design by Sgt Henry Hawyard Priest (9th Bn), winner of the design competition in 1918. Stonadge & Son at a price of £850 (000 in present terms).

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Thus began services for the fallen and the construction of memorials in their honour.

There is a sandstone flaming urn on top of the column which replaced a small marble angel smashed in 1940.

The original design had a eight-foot high porcelain crowned female angel with upswept wings and hands in a state of prayer standing on a globe.

For some unknown reason, in the 1930s, a bend was put in the avenue to swing around to meet the Ipswich Road gate. Aerial photo from 1943 of the park showing the US Army camp in the background.

The final form of the Memorial Gardens can clearly be seen.

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