Convalidating a marriage

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In the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, marriage preparation classes also draw many couples who have been civilly married and are seeking to be married in the church.

According to the diocese's Spanish Apostolate, the majority of those couples come from countries where civil wedding ceremonies are more common than church ceremonies.

Often, church ceremonies in their native countries cost too much or couples do not feel it is necessary to have a church ceremony, said Father Jose Eugenio Hoyos, director of the apostolate.

When these couples are invited to receive the sacrament of matrimony, Father Hoyos said, many tell him they would be happy to just have a blessing.

Holy Family usually has six to eight couples "celebrate their marriage together," he said.

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Hello everyone, Well I Hope what im about to share with you will help and encourage other women who might be going through the same thing."Now we are friends," said Rogelio Cervantes before the wedding."After this, we will be brothers." After the Mass, the couples took photos in front of the altar and regrouped with their families.But when this came up, we decided to do it." Navarro and her husband have three children, who were "all excited for us," she said.During the nuptial Mass, each couple came forward to pronounce their vows and exchange their rings.

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