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So check it out, get off your butt and enjoy the Fort.

Probably my favorite Fort Collins past time has to be tubing on the Poudre River.

However, when my husband contacted me, he was on the verge of leaving town to visit family over Easter, so I accepted his invitation to meet sooner.

They don’t have to fear that a rug will be pulled out from under them. Compassion You will attract a wider range of people if you are compassionate.

If you think your date is perfect and could not possibly be offended by your snarky comments, think again.

A healthy spiritual vitality is important too and causes others to trust you more and reveal their true selves faster. We don’t necessarily need spouses for survival anymore.

People are looking for spiritual partners and want to see an authentic spirituality that will lead to daily discoveries and growth. Active pursuit When we say the word “attract,” it might sound as if we can send out a sunbeam and draw people to us without any effort.

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