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I find it extremely annoying and unnecessary, especially when a simple SQL statement handles the task, and is faster. Hi, Data Set is very useful for the following reasons:- 1. Data Set can provide automatically an xml format of the data available. Thanks, Hi, here is an article may be helpful How to update a database from a Data Set object by using Visual Basic . Which object does remember the dataset object in for distribution case?It update database with dataset update I tried to update my database after modifying data in dataset, but failed. Hi, If I use dataset to connect to database server which disconnects to DB after loading the data then call open method of connection to connect again. I am not certain exactly what you mean, but perhaps this will help.I would like to know why it didn't work, because d. If you update the parent/child tables, you need to add the relevant Table Adapter into Table Adapter Manger too. Update() method which will carry the changes from Data Set to the database. update and manipulate the dataset and then pass these updates to the original database?Each Table Adapter has a connection object, thus you have no need to assign it manually. SQL statement database update versus Data Set object update In what circumstances do developers use Data Set object to update records? You can manipulate and work with it offline (the dataadapter connects only when it needs to interact with the table and thereafter, the connection is no longer required.) 3. Hello, my question is, how to update and manipulate the dataset and then pass these updates to the original database( by using vb )?After executing the code, and getting to the page presentation.Then I stop the debug and start the page creation process again ( Page_Load ).The database still has the original deleted dataset rows.

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