Dating fender amps silverface

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The Dual Pro was the first twin speaker amp and also the first amp to employ a finger-jointed pine cabinet and the first amp with a top facing control panel.

The construction of the amplifiers was changed as well: the chassis are mounted to the back with the tubes pointed down, as opposed to having the chassis mounted on the top of the cabinet.

Two different colors of grillclothes were featured on the blondes, oxblood and wheat.

There are several experimental Fender Tweed amps in blonde.

Other notable accomplishments of this period include the shift of the top-of-the-line model from the traditional Twin-Amp to include other models, like the Vibrasonic Amp in early 1960, as well as the blonde Showman Amp in 1961.While the majority of the piggybacks were produced in blonde tolex, there are a few examples of the brown tolex Bassman amplifiers.There were many notable accomplishments for the company's amplifier division during these years.Fender later on constructed them with "narrow panel", in which all the panels have more or less the same width.Toward the end, despite keeping such construction, Fender utilized tolex to cover its amps.

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