Dating in bend oregon

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As parents, we spend a good amount of time preparing for the moment our child’s first date shows up on our doorstep.

But studies have shown regular date nights are crucial for any relationship, so I’m making the effort. A brand new renovation completed in July 2016 added two new buildings, a bunch of guest rooms, and even a new “hidden” bar, all of which are worth checking out if you haven’t been there for a while.

Telling the kids: So you’ve found love and your first instinct is to share, share, share!

Our social networking feeds are filled with announcements of “So-and-So are now in a relationship! More important than when the kids find out is how they find out, and they must find out from you and no one else.

Don’t forget to look up through the open ceiling for a glimpse of the stars. Park yourself by one of the fire pits at O’Kanes, or hunt for the elusive new Broom Closet Bar.

Then retire to your room at Mc Menamins knowing you accomplished an entire date night without venturing more than a few hundred feet from your bed.

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