Dating mistakes men do

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You’ll appear as a prick and she’ll dump your ass in nanosecond. I saw this the other night while on the date with the gorgeous woman I met on the plane.

Waiter or concierge is not the boxing bag on which you can compensate for your own low self-worth! There was some blond dude with the girl, sitting right next to me at the bar and he was addressing her using ‘babe’ as a call sign.

Even if she orders one, you take some sweat wine or vodka if you two reached the consensus about it. But after a much closer examination of the situation, it became clear that I was watching the clumsiest first date ever.

The guy even stumbled and knocked both of them when they were getting up to move on. For instance, while you two are walking, and talking, and smiling, use every opportunity to “accidentally” lose your bearings and touch her arm/leg with yours.

Dating tips and advices are all over the place and when you spend a couple of minutes researching the best first date mistakes; you’ll be reading the same stuff over and over again, on different sites.

So no, we ain’t gonna focus our attention on those common dating tips and those usual first date mistakes.

What you wanna do on the first date — and this is crucial — is to keep close body contact with occasional physical contact. Sit next to her at the table and not opposite from her.

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But, your date will not be impressed by the clear representation of your financial situation. Use the tips (to different service folks) to show off your monetary might!It’s clear that most of the folks that write those dating tips and advices have little to no real experience with dating. Thus, before you come to pick her up, make a quick stop and buy lovely, fragrant bouquet of flowers. Cliché is a cliché for a good reason and flowers are your best introduction. If needed, stop her from exiting until you open the door. It’s like she’s in some romantic movie, where high-end courtship is still the game of the royals. In that single moment, something extraordinary occurs – you, and that other person, are exchanging one specific chemical, oxytocin. A few weeks ago, I was walking by the river, observing this young couple, just a few yards from me.Tell that nice lady what’s the occasion and don’t forget to tip her well. Men think it’s some sort of a cliché or not something a real man would do. Stay off the beer or anything that will leave an unpleasant odor in your mouth and stomach. Getting yourself hammered, not OK, ending in a local newspaper and most likely on You Tube, Twitter and Instagram! Both brains fire at the same time, releasing this trust hormone. At first, it seemed like there was some bad blood between them because of the distance between him and her on the bench.But don’t think for a second that she is interested in hearing the details about your latest purchase.It always amazes me how men like to play the money card on the women they don’t know.

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