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The earliest traces of human habitation dates back Turenilor Gorge fifth millennium BC and belong to the cultural Cluj – Turda Gorges – New World.

Other finds date from the Final Neolithic era and bronzului.

The orientation and position, the camp of the principal prescriptions Potaissa military technicians of the era in which it was built.

Thus Decumani is oriented towards the highest (to the west) camp is located on a plateau protected from floods and torrents, but plenty of good close to a stream.

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Western portal is decorated with motifs of oak leaves.

Calvinist Reformed Church of Turda-Old, the oldest preserved monument in Turda, is located in the center (address: str.

Haşdeu No.1) In the vicinity of the Republic, Lapidary and former princely palace (now the Museum of History).

In Turenilor Gorge caves were found traces proving their seasonal habitation since ancient times.

Tourists’ attention is drawn to a mound with a diameter of 40 meters and a height of 3 meters, located on the hill Ghienghe to point to the ant, the tumulus graves have recently been investigated in the early Bronze Age.

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