Dating violence statistics on college campuses

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People don’t want the relationship to end, just the abuse.” Another problem that officials like Malsam see is that society does not always judge domestic violence for what it is.“Our culture is set up so we have different blinders for it.So the prince sexually assaults Snow White but nobody talks about that.

It’s kind of a silent thing,” said Casey Malsam, CSU Women and Gender Advocacy Center advocate.It is things that make us a little more uncomfortable, but that isn’t to say that there isn’t physical violence that is happening as well.” For victims, leaving isn’t always the simplest solution to domestic violence.The complexity with leaving an abusive relationship usually stems from fear of what repercussions may come from it for the victim.“People assume you wouldn’t be dating someone who is violent, so then when you find yourself in that situation it’s hard to be like, ‘this isn’t going well for me.’” For students on campus, observing the signs of domestic violence is difficult because of the oftentimes unnoticeable nature of the crime.“Students are the most at risk for dating violence, because they aren’t experienced to see what red flags there are, and what is dangerous and abusive,” said Linda Johnston, director of the Ending of Violence Against Women Project. People think it has to be physical, but it can be verbal — it is just a different form of abuse.” Because students do not always know what is normal in a relationship, according to Johnston, the offenders can make excuses for the abuse with reasons like love, and often blame the victim for bringing on the abuse.

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