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"Most people with mental disorders are undiagnosed and untreated," he says, "so many are already in significant relationships without either partner knowing."therapy, you shouldn't worry that you won't be able to make a relationship work.Below, experts share their advice for how to navigate dating with a mental illness." data-reactid="16"Most of those disorders are mild to moderate, he adds."The trick is knowing yourself, being honest and choosing a partner who is the same, and with whom you mesh well over the majority of the time you spend together."Remember -- their response can change.Pohlig says her condition makes her impulsive, which has caused her to bring it up on the first date."There's still a lot of stigma surrounding mental illnesses," Erford says."We live in a competitive society where we don't want to be viewed as abnormal in any way.

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"And if you're suffering from depression, first dates can make you feel like you're not making a good impression or cause you to have other negative thoughts that can cause you to spiral downward." Erford recommends speaking to a therapist about coping methods to deal with the stress and catch potential problems before they arise." data-reactid="17"Dealing with the stress of dating.Just like rich and poor or people of different religions can be compatible mates, so can someone with an illness and someone without one."Don't think that just because you have a mental illness, you need to be with someone else who has a mental illness," she says.One in 17 Americans, or 13.6 million people, live with a serious mental illness, such as depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.The good news is there are millions of people with mental illnesses -- many of whom don't even know it -- who are in stable, loving relationships, Erford says.

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