Dating yamaha guitars by serial numbers online dating in scunthorpe

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It seems that, by Yamahas own admission, their records from prior to 1982 are very limited....

As close as we can guess there were around 3,000 of these sold in the United States (our records were a bit sketchy in the very early 80′s) both in the lacquer and silver finishes.

Unfortunately this does not hold true for the older Yamaha wind instruments.

Whilst other wind manufactures have issued serial numbers to their musical instruments in a consecutive chronological fashion, Yamaha appears to have issued their serial numbers in a less logical sequence.

This makes dating a Yamaha wind instrument from its serial number a difficult task.

Feel free to browse these serial number lists and see if you can work out where your model fits in, but at the same time please help yourself and others by submitting your own instrument with as much information as possible to the lists via the Serial Number Submission page.

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