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Andrea Syrtash, author of "He's Just Not Your Type (And That's a Good Thing)," offers some expert advice.Her book encourages women to question the ideas they've grown up with about "the kind of man" they're supposed to marry and revise their checklist for love. Please reach out with any questions about my book or general dating/relationship questions.Younger women are often attracted to traits like maturity (like their daddy), more money and higher social status, masculinity, leadership abilities, confidence, and composure, so it's important for you to focus on whichever of these traits you possess.Wondering why so many women are struggling to find love?Online dating is a great way to exercise your dating muscle._______________________ Single in San Diego: Hello. I am clear on what kind of partner I would like, and have yet to meet him (being divorced in my early-30s helped me clarify what I do and don't want). One of the top questions I get is where do I meet someone?The success rate of this turning out well is probably very small.It’s highly unlikely that everyone on Tinder is specifically looking for a relationship.

Please don’t put your whole CV in there, the chances of anyone being interested in how you worked your way from stacking shelves in a supermarket to an entry level position at a recruitment firm are slim to none. Obviously keep out the things you talk to your friends about, like your bowel movements and the spot that’s waiting to rear its ugly head on your chin, but if you’re being overly polite it won’t bode well when you have a couple of drinks and your real self comes out in person.Ask yourself-in your heart, do you think your friend knows that you have feelings for him? Andrea Syrtash: I'm sure that this is a difficult chapter for you, but I also want to congratulate you for moving on from a relationship that wasn't working.If the answer is no, perhaps you have to give him a few more signals to illustrate that you want to take it out of the friend zone. No doubt, it's intimidating to get out into the dating game.] Don't let other people tell you what to do or inform your decisions. Otherwise, you may wake up in a marriage wondering how you got there. _______________________ Ashland, Oregon: I am a man!The roles of men and women seem to be in a state of flux these days: Do you think that a woman still wants her man to take the lead in many decisions within the relationship these days?

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