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He also ranked her 9.0 (out of 10) for online appearance. This was an honest attempt to stay organised." The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

During the process of the date, he told Arielle about his unique system for keeping track of his dozen dates and promised to forward the Excel spreadsheet to her – it helped that she was top of the list. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

This girl had to know that it would blow up, she can’t be that naive.

But when national news outlets devote airtime to it (let alone while it’s an election year, gas costs more than , there’s a racially-charged murder trial on deck and we’ve got Obama’s Secret Service agents throwing hooker and blow parties), that’s where I draw the line.

This is an Online Dating Horror Story for the record books, and it’s playing out as we speak. ” you ask, the making the spread sheet part, or the leaking it so that it goes viral part? First things first, you should check out the complete document in question here.

Or more accurately, to keep track of every little meticulous detail of their interactions (or misses), ranked their appearances, and made notes about whether to monitor casually or closely. Investment Banker Guy (who’s real name is David Merkur, a fact that has been splashed gleefully everywhere by news outlets) then made his biggest mistake by . I’m not one to defend men for their slimy behavior, obviously I’m a vocal critic, but in this instance I think the punishment isn’t befitting of the Microsoft Office crime.

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I’m not a proponent of reading books that teach us tricks and gimmicks on how to ensnare the opposite sex, I’m advocating getting out of your own way long enough to create opportunities to make a connection.

I hope this email doesn't backfire, because I really had a great time and hope to hang again soon :). "Hi Girls, "Wanted to pass this on to you for some Monday morning entertainment. On the date, he tells me that he has a spreadsheet for tracking all of the people from match that are 'in process'. "Just when I thought I had seen it all ..." Dave, who has since deleted his profile, spoke to, defending his actions.

Naturally, I tease him and ask him to send me the spreadsheet.

From pretending to be an Israeli spy to burning down an ex's parents' house, there's no shortage of press coverage when it comes to dating sociopaths in the financial industry.

Now, there's a new finance guy ready to creep out the Internets.

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