Digital dating bracelet

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Murphy suggests this is because people are losing their social skills due to texting and emails.

They become so enthralled in selling their online persona, they forget how to have a two-sided interaction with someone.

When it comes to online dating, men are more focused on their own interests and are oblivious of their attractiveness to potential dates.

Meanwhile, women are more conscious of their own attractiveness.

Viewers judged people who were perceived as overly bragging about themselves, their looks, or accomplishments as less trustworthy and less socially attractive.

Researchers at the University of Iowa found being "real," not boastful, can boost the likelihood of getting a date, and potentially forming a long-term relationship.

Confidence, high self-esteem, being open, and being relaxed.

Doing this over the course of a date can be beneficial,” Tanya Vacharkulksemsuk, lead author of the study and a post-doctoral research fellow at UC Berkeley, previously told .

Technology and dating have evolved into a dynamic duo when it comes to finding love in the digital age.

Online dating is a big part of our culture, with 15 percent of Americans using online dating sites or mobile dating apps.

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