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Established as a national park and nature reserve in 1972, the Parc Régional de Camargue covers 820 km² including some of the wildest and most protected in Europe. A roadside museum provides background on flora, fauna, and the history of the area.In all, the Camargue covers around 140,000 hectares, including wetlands, pastures, dunes and salt flats.

A guardian's traditional tools are a trident and a black hat.

The manade is directed by a manadier (or baile in Provençal).

There are three sorts of wild bull in the Camargue:: Among the best known manades are those of Hubert Yonnet, Lucien Tardieu, Pourquier, and François André..

It is this plankton, not as sometimes claimed crustacea, that are responsible for the flamingo's pink plumage.

The flamingo is the emblem of Camargue - a modern wheeze to appeal to tourists.

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