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Released in the summer of 1904, Kürten was drafted into the German Army; he was deployed to the Alsatian city of Metz to serve in the 98th Infantry Regiment, although he soon deserted.

That autumn, Kürten began committing acts of arson, which he would discreetly watch from a distance as emergency services attempted to extinguish the fires.

Much of the time Kürten spent on the streets was in the company of petty criminals and social misfits.

when he pushed a school friend whom he knew could not swim off a log raft.

Shortly thereafter, in 1900, Kürten was arrested for fraud.

He would be rearrested later the same year on the same charge, although on this second occasion, charges pertaining to his 1899 Düsseldorf thefts, plus the attempted murder of a girl with a firearm were added to the indictment.

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He was apprehended just four weeks later and charged with both breaking and entering and theft, and subsequently sentenced to one month's imprisonment.When intoxicated, Kürten's father would often force his wife and children to assemble in one room before ordering his wife to strip naked and engage in intercourse with him as his children watched.In 1888, Kürten attempted to drown one of his playmates.When a second boy attempted to save the drowning youngster, Kürten held this boy's head underwater in order that both boys drowned.Both deaths were ruled by authorities as being accidental.

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