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In this article, we will explore the features m2eclipse provides and help you start using an Eclipse plugin which provides real Maven integration for the best IDE platform available.After reading this article you should have enough information to install the m2eclipse plugin and start creating or importing existing Maven projects into your Eclipse workspace.Before you can deploy your app, you must have a Cloud Platform project and an App Engine application, see Managing Projects, Applications, and Billing for more information.To deploy your app with the tool installed and want to configure it to use a Cloud Platform project ID other than the one that you initialized it to, see Managing Cloud SDK Configurations.If you received errors when running Cloud SDK commands, try explicitly using the original App Engine SDK.You can move the entry for the original App Engine SDK to earlier in your PATH so that those commands have priority.

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By default, the initial version that you deploy to a service is automatically configured to receive 100% of traffic.

Deploying updates to services can include updating individual configuration files or updating the source code in the corresponding versions.

For example, you can deploy and create two versions in App Engine, where each version runs in their own service.

Deploy your app to upload and run them on App Engine.

When you deploy your apps, you create versions of those apps and their corresponding services in App Engine.

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