Ed westwick and taylor momsen dating

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"I was at this ball in New York that was so grand David Bowie was sitting at the next table and shook hands with George Clooney," he told Reveal.

(more) » - By Lara Martin Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick was left red-faced after meeting David Beckham in a bathroom - because he was too starstruck to speak to the soccer ace.

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Below Ive posted the top three nominations for each character based on Your submissions. Have no fear just click on their name where it will take you to their IMDb page and teach you everything you need to know what they look like how old they are what their former projects are and more.Marcus Viggo Mortensen Bill Nighy Cillian Murphy Aro Ian Mc Kellen Johnny Depp Hugh Jackman Caius Alan Rickman Paul Bettany Christopher Lee Jane Jodelle Ferland Dakota Fanning Ellen Page Alec Freddie Highmore Haley Joel Osment Rory Culkin Demetri Ed Westwick Ben Barnes Tom Welling Felix Jensen Ackles Channing Tatum James Mc Avoy So whats the next step?Its simple Based on the nominations above pick out your 1 actor choice » Drew Barrymore showed off a dramatic bleach blond hairdo around La earlier this weekend.» Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick has revealed that he was left starstruck after meeting David Beckham in a bathroom.The British actor bumped into Beckham in New York, but admitted that he was too nervous to talk to his idol.

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