Fired event itemupdating which wasn t handled

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In case you’re wondering what a PFE does, here’s the job description from the Microsoft Careers website: The purpose of the Premier Field Engineer (PFE) position is to provide Microsoft customers with reliable technical solutions to the complex integration problems associated with business solutions built using Windows Share Point Services, Share Point Portal Server and Microsoft Office Share Point Server.Typical tasks performed in this role include specific problem isolation and correction, conducting application design and technical reviews, performance tuning, application stability consulting/troubleshooting, code reviews, porting/migration assistance, configuration/administration management, pre-rollout testing and general development consulting.With Share Point Designer 2010, you’ll be able to click through some very intuitive wizard interfaces that will create External Content Types that can be used by a native Share Point List interface to create, read, update and delete data that is stored in any non-Share Point content database. But there are some drawbacks – Share Point workflows, events receivers, and a few other native functionality will not be available for these kinds of lists. Get Items($query) # Pipe results to a loop and delete each element $items | % $web. Dispose() Stop-Transcriptelsewhere, but just in case you missed it…

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Solution: Finally I decided to remove the event handler manually by doing the following: – deactivated the feature – retracted the solution – deleted the solution – deleted the dll in the GAC -IISReset Then after rebuilding/redploying the solution everything worked just as expected. I’ve been numb and ecstatic about the opportunity since seeing the email on Monday that I didn’t even know what to do with myself for awhile.

This example also deletes all items recursively keeping the folder structure intact. Not sure if this has been documented anywhere else but I came across a quirk today while I was trying to create custom Event Handlers for a Document Library.

Start-Transcript ‘c:\powershell\logs\transcript.txt’ [System.reflection. Environment: Windows 2003 MOSS 2007 Visual Studio 2008 Visual Studio Share Point Extension Kit 1.2 Scenario: Using the Event Receiver Share Point template in Visual Studio, I started out with the Item Updating method and deployed some code a few times and then decided to switch to using the Item Updated method instead.

This is an issue not only for large files on the local LAN but proved to be extremely detrimental for geographically dispersed environments with unpredictable latencies to the client.

Share Point 2010 along with the Office 2010 Clients introduce some new transfer protocols that will greatly reduce the amount of traffic that gets passed from the client to the web front ends.

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