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When I married I knew that my partner had partaken in sexual experiences with men.

As a teenager he had experimented with other teenagers, and then continued dabbling as a young man.

After all, , I thought, his father is gay, his parents divorced when he was three, his mother on her third husband; he must have been sexually confused. We fell in love and we married, had two kids, a dog and two cats.

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We were free to choose and unexpectedly we choose each other. And after being with two sexy bi men, and really enjoying it, my whole system of beliefs about marriage and monogamy turned upside down. We had broken the monogamous marriage contract and survived.I thought all his m2m experimentation had been exhausted in his younger years.What really disappointed me however was the cheating and lying.I had fantasized about having sex with other men, being with a woman, with a couple or in a group of people, but had never acted upon it.I was married after all and being married meant being monogamous.

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