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If they have logged in, messages are still anonymous by default, but users can choose to tag their identity.On the receiving side, all the messages show up in an inbox where you can flag messages, delete them, reply, or favourite them.As you can see, I gave this app a very high threat level.Do to its booming success and growth with kids, We need to remember anonymity apps such as this are really dangerous and cannot be monitored the way they need to be.Availability There's usually always someone ready to hear from you.

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Even positive reviews still warn that this app is not for the weak but is marketed as a social interaction tool.

If you scroll through the reviews that people are leaving, you will see a common thread of people receiving mean messages.

You can remove your profile from search results, limiting the people who you share your profile with, and you can also turn off access for unauthorised users.

If you want to have sex on cam with complete strangers, there’s no better place than right here.

App Review – Sarahah Threat Level – Very High Sarahah is an app developed by Zainalabdin Tawfiq.

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