Future of online dating sites

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It was no longer taboo, or something to be sniffed at and this was the start of online dating as we know it today.Many people have got married after starting relationships online and it's not just a flash-in-the-pan fad any more.

Rather than having to articulate what you are looking for in a partner, matching could become even more accurate through tracking people’s behaviour and how they react to different situations.While in recent years DNA research has been cost prohibitive, the price of sequencing DNA from a cell will fall from around £52m in 2003 to £650 by 2040.Greater affordability will enable more research, and by 2040 scientists may have a clear understanding of the role our own DNA plays in attraction, allowing it to be introduced to the "matching" process.Anyone worth it will understand your reservations before you've met in person and should find your sensible choice attractive. So when did it all start going right for online dating?NEVER meet someone you've met on the internet alone. The rise of online dating websites was largely due to their successful television campaigns.

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