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I want to do everything for him, but in return will he do the same for me? He has a mind control over me and I will kill a bitch for him. When he is not around you, or calling you, he will consistently obsess about what you're doing, or who you're doing it with. Before that can become the norm Taurus needs to KNOW that you are not on the fence - you give yourself to a Taurus and they will do anything to see that your safe, secure and loved - and your kids to if you have any.

I know in my heart that he will eventually hurt me, but my love is so strong I just want to experience us being together. I just want to lay with him every night and marry him. He doesn't even realize I hang on to his every word. (It's just not demonstrated in the early stages of courtship). In laments terms, you may not hear from him in weeks, but during that time he may be checking you out on facebook, or asking people about you. Good Taurus test - leave them alone in a room with your pet cat or dog and spy on them - take them to a farm and pretend to go do something else but really go where he cant see you but you can see him an watch.

The whole "friends" thing Taurus has a really hard time with it - it is likely not to work for either of you - either he gets hurt cause he will think you want him around but arent good enough to commit to - or you might get hurt because he will "shun" you once he realizes friends is all it will be. I have been with my taurus for 15 years and he is definitely a true taurus male.

Remember that Taurus does not form attachments easily and when they do its deep and usually long term. He possesses all these traits especially possesive and I LOVE IT, he makes me feel so safe and secure and like I am the only one for him, even after all these years.

I've dated countless women and it has always amazed me how little they know about men.

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first off we met at the most random place ever we exchanged numbers and all. im really going to try your Taurus test and try to rekindle what he had going on thanks for the advice your a sweetheart Taurus Yeah....he told that hes was falling for me but he didn't want to get hurt that's why he pushed me away so Friday he texted me after like 2 weeks could that be a sign that he still in to me. He is SO into you - if he is txting YOU after two weeks of nothing. I didnt mean to imply you werent and sorry if it came off that way....everything you have said shows me that you are a kind, compassionate, person with a great deal of depth of character and morality.Thats why if he passes the Taurus test then you gotta decide if your gonna stay with him or let him go. So I would imagine this to be a hard situation for you.... Thank you for sharing with me - it means a lot to me.Even though some world views claim that this is a respectable or virtuous thing to do (as some religious views do), most men will not respect that opinion, let alone share it; and the few that do will have to fight their natural tendencies to follow it.By expecting men to commit against their natural inclinations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

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