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Life-threatening complications such as liver failure are rare, affecting less than 1 in every 250 people with hepatitis A.People most at risk include those with pre-existing liver problems and elderly people.Hepatitis A is a liver infection caused by a virus that's spread in the poo of an infected person.It's uncommon in the UK, but certain groups are at increased risk.It's only recommended for people at an increased risk, including: The hepatitis A vaccine is usually available for free on the NHS for anyone who needs it. There's currently no cure for hepatitis A, but it will normally pass on its own within a couple of months. While you're ill, it's a good idea to: Speak to your GP if your symptoms are particularly troublesome or haven't started to improve within a couple of months.They can prescribe medications to help with itchiness, nausea or vomiting, if necessary. For most people, hepatitis A will pass within two months and there will be no long-term effects.This contact often occurs by sharing contaminated needles or other equipment used to inject drugs.Hepatitis C isn’t considered to be a sexually transmitted disease, but it’s passed through sexual contact on rare occasions.

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To confirm a diagnosis, your doctor will order a blood test. It’s considered the most serious form of hepatitis because of the amount of damage it inflicts on your body, HCV is a blood-borne illness.

That means you can become infected with the virus if you come into contact with blood that’s infected.

If liver failure does occur, a liver transplant is usually needed to treat it.

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