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Sam, however, comes into the office, struck with guilt, tells the whole truth about her changing Carly's grades and making her promise not to, and says that she was wrong to do that to a friend.

Since Sam is known to let other people take the blame for her misdeeds, this is another sign how much Carly means to her. When Sam wants to change her detention form in the end, Carly drags her away from the computer by the hair so she won´t get into more trouble.

Another name for their relationship is Sarly (S/am and C/arly), though this term isn't used as often by their fanbase.

Rivaling Seddie and Creddie, the Cam ship is the third major ship on i Carly.

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Cam Relationship is the term for the possible romantic pairing of Carly Shay and Sam Puckett (C/arly and S/am).

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Devlin doesn't like three-hole paper, Sam is upset too and suggests that they should ask the i Carly viewers to egg Mr. After overhearing Principal Franklin's username and password for the school computer, Sam decides to change Carly's B into an A and also improves one of Freddie's grades.

When Sam finds out, she says "What kind of world do we live in, where the ankle shake means nothing anymore?

" in a concerned and disappointed tone instead of being mad at her, which is what one would usually expect from Sam.

Considering Carly is an extremely popular web show host, considered attractive if not outright hot, it remains puzzling why she would have such troubles attracting/keeping a boyfriend unless Carly unconsciously tried/wanted to sabotage such relationships.

Could be Carly's way of trying to ignore any crush/feelings towards Sam by pretending she prefers boys while not really trying either.

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