Keeping office dating a secret

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"Well…" Linda looked over her shoulder, then whispered, "I may have spent all last night with the bassist from that new band that's recording at our studio." "Linda… After all, who would want to be known for having an embarrassing fling, rather than being a great presenter or a successful sales rep? Because no one is ever going to know about it." Good Advice…If You Were to Take It We've all been told what to do regarding office romances – trite sayings about pens and company ink, and not taking your work to bed with you haunt employees from the moment they step off the elevator on their first day.Carly Mac Leod writes the Romance 101 column for Washington University's Student Life Newspaper, where she is a junior majoring in English Literature.She aspires to go into journalism, and was recently featured as a guest on NPR's All Things Considered to discuss the Thanksgiving "Turkey Drop".Keeping the Secret If office romances are such a bad idea – so bad that it's an unspoken rule that they must be kept completely secret – why do we keep doing them?

And once again, while the prudent move would likely be to deal with things frankly and get on with your career, more often than not amorous co-workers instead wind up going back for more.Then, before you know it, you're both heading off to some dark corner, apartment, or back up to your hotel room – and not to practice that sales pitch you've been working on.Jump to the next morning, and suddenly you've got yourself a brand new secret.Whether you act on it or not, you can't deny this kind of basic attraction – even if the person you're attracted to happens to be your boss.Same Old Story Office romances can start in any number of ways – at a company party, for example, or when a group of colleagues go out for happy hour drinks, or even when team members are sent on a business trip together.

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