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This is more than surprising against the backdrop of ample empirical evidence showing that migrants, including sex workers, are subjected to severe forms of exploitation in Europe (see, for example, the report by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency published in 2015 Severe Labour Exploitation: Workers Moving within or into the European Union. To be more precise, the existing judgments in which the Court has dealt with abuses inflicted by non-state actors (i.e. also claimed that she was a victim of human trafficking. Positive Obligations under Article 4 No contentious issues were raised as to the applicability of Article 4 of the ECHR.

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By repeatedly using machismo as a means of legitimation, Putin’s regime opened the door to the concerted use of gendered rhetoric and imagery as a means to challenge regime authority.

Sex, Politics, and Putin analyzes the political uses of gender norms and sexualization in Russia through the lens of three case studies: pro- and anti-regime groups’ activism aimed at supporting or undermining the political leaders on their respective sides; activism regarding military conscription and patriotism; and feminist activism (including the dramatic performances by Pussy Riot).

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