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I am sick of tired of these scammer who is low pathetic try to trick or harm the innocent people for $$$ that just not on.scams like this is making it hard for us genuine computer Techs to help people remotely who have genuine remote access tools because no one will want to have them on their pcs in fear of all their info being stolen Had a scam call this evening from someone claiming to be from Windows support (forget the exact name) claiming that they were getting error messages and warnings from my router. They asked for Mrs XXXX, which was her maiden name so that was the first clue it was a sus call.They hung up on me, I don't understand why, I thought they wanted to help me.Just had my call from "microsoft support" what a relief that they are on the ball monitoring my computer for viruses.... Played along for a while and when I told him that I knew it was a scam he did not seem to understand me to well, must of been lost in translation.anyway, i asked him to send me a email, he said he would and then he hung up.Dont forget to tell your unsuspecting parents/grandparents, one of my family members was almost fooled as they are not very tech savy.I did fairly early on ask how do I know that they are from where they claim to be. Another pointer to it being a scam Says that I have a unlicensed version of an anti-virus Wrong Tells me that he'll show me.

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The caller made my customer do something in the DOS prompt, from what I gather it was just to do a dir listing to make it look as if those files were infected.Bud, one only has to look at some of the questions here on WP & then think of those several steps down who don't even know of WP.These callers ring them up & next minute there on a black screen with white writing listing heaps of files.If my computer is sending out spam email or packets, anyone picking this up and telling me about it would know this, and have no reason not to tell me. Supposedly "they are not allowed to tell me my ip address". My guess is they are just ringing random numbers, since he didnt even seem to know my name.I hope this scammer will get caught soon and rot in jail and throw the key away for good for what he done all these innocent people.

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