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Usually they were pictured stabbing Christ, or lambs.

Women, for their part, had to contend with being typecast as nags or temptresses, hysterical or otherwise.

Curt, USA I don't think Europeans care too much about this stereotyping, because we know that it doesn't apply nowadays.

However, it's sometimes fun to think of ourselves in relation to our past - we'll probably laugh it off or put it in our jokes.

Growing up One school of thought would suggest that forming and propagating derogatory perceptions of our rivals is inevitable, an almost ritualistic exercise designed to boost our own sense of identity.

"When people are uncertain of themselves and feeling insecure, negative stereotyping does tend to follow," says Dr Adam Rutland, a behavioural analyst.

In the days when it was not possible to draw unflattering caricatures of those from other countries, because the nation state did not exist, Europeans had to be content with stereotyping those of another religion, or of the opposite sex.

They only become a problem when we wrongly assume that everyone conforms to them.

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Yet still, it would appear from recent events, they insist on drawing a line between themselves and their European neighbours by drawing up unkind caricatures of one another.

Shelley, England, UK There is a fine line between stereotyping and prejudice.

Maybe people in Europe find it easier to laugh at themselves.

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