Mormans and inter racial dating charlyne yi dating michael cera

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Under the temple and priesthood restrictions before 1978, black members of African descent could not receive the priesthood or participate in temple ordinances besides baptisms for the dead.

For a time in the 1960s and 1970s, they were not allowed to perform baptisms for the dead either.

Mc Conkie’s and others’ statements about interracial marriage being “discouraged” may be based on a desire to prevent divorce.) But such teachings are now in the past, and no longer official. I’m barely thirty-one, and I’ve grown up almost entirely in the post-1978 world.

I’m a product of an interracial marriage myself (my mother is part-Hawaiian), and I’ve never been taught that interracial marriage was prohibited.

Can we assume that any teachings against interracial marriage went out the door with the 1978 Declaration?

Or in other words, am I safe in my post-1978 assumption that the idea that interracial marriage is wrong or sinful, is officially bunk?

Young believed the curse made black people ineligible to vote, marry white people, or hold the priesthood.

So, let’s ask a few questions: First, is there any part of current church doctrine or instruction that supports a belief that interracial marriage is wrong? Mc Conkie’s (unofficial) book from 1964 — has Gordon B. And what sorts of official couner-statements to this idea (if any) have been made by church leaders?

There is a lengthy history of Mormon oppposition to interracial marriage.

Brigham Young famously taught that interracial marriage was wrong, for example, and Bruce R.

Church leaders used this explanation until 1978, when Church President Spencer W.

Kimball publicly refuted it; later church leaders have called the explanation a List of Mormon folk beliefs.

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