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It’s not necessarily low fat or low calorie, but you can easily keep portions under control—four ribs make a very satisfying entrée.Season the meat with a little salt, pepper, and chopped rosemary leaves and roast in a 475° oven until medium rare (around 130°). They’re not very “meaty.” And cutting them up is tricky.Cut it in half, hold it over a bowl, and whack it with a spoon. There’s an old saying that you should buy oysters only during a month with the letter ‘R’ in it, because oysters spawn during the warm months, a process that takes a lot of energy and yields a tired, mushy mollusk.

In short, for most of his career, he was incredibly intimidating. Tyson’s 94 second demolition of a terrified Michael Spinks; Frank Bruno walking to the ring as if it were the gallows; or consider that more than half of Tyson’s 44 career knockouts took place in the first round.Once the tail curls, quickly toss the animal in a stockpot filled with boiling water, put the lid on, and “don’t look back! If you’d rather instantly kill the lobster, take the point of your knife and insert it right behind its antennae before cooking. “Whole fish tends to gross some people out when there’s an eyeball staring at you,” says Allen.There are also bones to deal with, as well as scales and even guts, if you caught the fish yourself.Take the tip and push it into the hinge of the oyster shell (as opposed to the side that opens) because the shell is thicker there and is less inclined to crack. They’re also weirdly shaped and can be really slimy on the inside if you prepare them wrong. Choose a firm, smooth-skinned eggplant that’s heavy for its size; avoid those with soft or brown spots. If the flesh gives slightly but then bounces back, it’s ripe.Separate the top and bottom halves, but make sure you don’t lose the flavorful liquid that’s inside. If the indentation remains, it’s overripe and the insides will be mushy.

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