Nick lazzarini and travis wall dating jordan calloway dating

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Many know Barton from the Lifetime original film “Center Stage: On Pointe”.

At what age did you start dancing and how did that come about? My mom was trying to get me to play soccer and all I could do was watch the dancers. I kind of always had a sneaking suspicion I would be a dancer when I grew yup. At that age I was on a local kids TV show and home schooled and when I was 19 I moved to LA to continue my career.

Michael dances the role of Jude, a spectral alter ego to Vincent, who taunts him throughout the show as Vincent struggles with self-identity in a time when such thoughts were left unrecognized or unrealized.

Also new to shaping sound: Denver native Barton Cowperthwaite who both joyously and tragically dances the role of Sebastian, the ill-fated lover.

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After The Curtain is the second show for the eclectic dance company, conceived and choreographed by Travis Wall, and tells the story of Vincent, a man fighting to find his creative voice after the death of his one true love.

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