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George Clooney debuted on television screens in 1978, in the miniseries called “Centennial” with Michael Ansara, Mark Harmon, Sally Kellerman, and Anthony Zerbe to name a few.

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Clooney reprised his role in “Ocean’s Twelve” in 2004, starring Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts and Bernie Mac.Has an older sister named Adelia "Ada" Clooney Zeidler. They have two children, Allison and Nick, who are the only grandchildren of Nina and Nick Clooney. The creators of South Park (1997) spoofed his Oscar acceptance speech in a South Park episode, and his political views in Team America: World Police (2004).She married the late Norman Monroe Zeidler, an artist and U. Clooney commented that he would have been really disappointed, had he not been spoofed in the latter.On the DVD commentary for Good Night, and Good Luck.(2005), George Clooney says that shortly after he met Grant Heslov in 1982, Heslov loaned Clooney 0.00 to buy his first set of headshots, and they have been friends ever since (and later writing and producing partners).

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